Water Issues in Prescott AZ- Rural Information

People love Prescott and the rural feel that it has. Consistently ranked as one of the top cities to retire in the US, it is clear that LOTS of people love what we have to offer. After working with clients this morning it dawned on me that many people who enjoy this lifestyle don't always know that there are some unique property circumstances that also contribute to rural living. In Yavapai county, many homes are not hooked up to city water or waste. If you run across this during your home search that is not necessarily a bad thing. It does however mean that you need to be a more informed home buyer. Our state and Yavapai County have compiled some great sources on well water for our area.

Many people enjoy living on a property with well water, and in some cases it is the only available option for the location. Some things to think about when considering purchasing a property with well water as its main source of water are the GPM (gallon per minute) output of your well. Generally the higher the better. If you are from the midwest, you may be shocked that was is accepted as a great producing well here, may not be the case where you are from. Another issue that some property purchasers are concerned about is the quality of the water itself. Some water in the Dewey Humboldt are in recent years has tested for high levels of arsenic. Certified water quality test can be performed by a licensed individual.

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