Is your house Feng Shui (part 2)

Last week, I had a post to see if your house followed the rules of Feng Shui. If yours fell short, don't worry, like anything, there are ways to fix your space. This second article follows up on the first and lets you know how to fix those problem areas in your home if you want it to be more Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Cures

In the home I am renting, there was a deck at the back of the house that was closed in to make a year round Arizona room. The original layout of the floor plan for the house was a rectangle. By adding the Arizona room, the house essentially changed into a different shape, eliminating most of the wealth corner, and increasing the relationship corner.

It’s important to know that when Feng Shui works with missing corners, rule of thumb is that if an addition is less than half the width or length of a room or house, it is an extra section. (This type of addition might be something like an addition of a bay window, or a small bump out. In that case, an extra section could create GOOD Feng Shui, because there is more room in that area for the chi to circulate.) Anything larger than half the width or length of a room or house creates a missing section. In the case of my home, this created a missing section.

There are many features of western homes that would be considered inauspicious by Feng Shui practitioners. However over thousands of years, cures for each of these have been established! There are eight major types of cures used to compensate for lacking features, to encourage positive energy flow: Color, reflective objects (lights, mirrors, and crystals), plants and pets, mobiles and flags, statues and rocks, fans and flutes. Placing a particular object in the area of concern will primarily force fast moving chi to slow down, and encourage slow moving or stagnant chi to move in a positive way.

In addition there are representations of four elements that can be placed in specific areas that will balance the energy: Metal, Water, Fire, and Earth.

A metal element could be sculpture or a table with metal legs, for example. Water would be represented with an aquarium or water fountain. Earth could be represented with a quartz cluster. Fire symbols could be a painting with the color red. There are many variations on how these elements can and cannot be combined.

How did I fix the missing wealth corner of my home? Before I tell you how I did it, you need to know that I rented this home before even seeing it in person. I was moving to the area and found the house for rent on Craigslist. The photos looked good, so I asked a good friend of my to drive to Prescott and take a look at the house; I wasn’t renting it sight unseen. She gave me the ok, so I signed the lease and moved in. I did not know that the wealth corner was missing in the home. However, remember, there’s a cure for everything!

When I moved in there were some decorative elements I installed, mainly because I liked them. But they also happened to “coincidentally” create Feng Shui cures for the missing area. I created a large water fountain on the floor at the far left of the Arizona room (which did have some part of the wealth corner), and surrounded it with green plants. The fountain pump came with a light, so I have chi (both light and water) circulating there 24/7. I never turn it off except to clean it out. And of course it sounds wonderful, and provides humidity to the house as well.

I also hung a large spiral wind chime inside the Arizona room, which featured faceted

crystals, and reflects the light further into the missing area. Fortunately, there is an additional deck downstairs that visually “completes” the corner, and that really works to help anchor the energy too. I have reaped the positive benefits! And, even better, when I find the perfect home to purchase, I’ll already know what to do if it needs a little energy boost.

So if you feel you need assistance in enriching certain areas of your life, remember that not only is your home is a reflection of you, it’s a reflection of your energy, and it can always be improved! I promise if you take the time to do some research, investigate

the principles of Feng Shui, and apply even one or two of them in your home, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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